Young Leader Benefits

Young Leaders

Membership benefits cover a wide range of aspects that are important to many of our members. Through your Arizona chapter membership, you have access to information and programs, as well as opportunities to network with peers through chapter events.
With a membership, you can:
  • Participate in Peer Collaboration and Learning Programs
  • Access the CoreNet Global Research Center
  • Develop your professional career and gain access specialized career services
  • Network and participate through a variety of events and meetings organized by your CoreNet Global Arizona Chapter
  • Connect with other members and build your network of contacts

The ultimate goal of the Young Leaders program is to elevate today’s emerging real estate leaders to become tomorrow’s real estate executives by providing the tools and experience necessary to compete.
We strive to deliver mentoring, learning, networking and other opportunities focused on the real estate professional under 35.

Young Leaders enjoy a substantial discount on their membership fee. 

Member Benefits

Connect with CoreNet Global and connect with what’s next in corporate real estate and workplace infrastructure. Connect with what’s next in your career.

  • Executive development program
  • Peer collaboration and learning
  • Career services
  • Award programs
  • Core curriculum
  • Diversity supplier database
  • Applied research center
  • Summits and events
  • Knowledge center
  • Complimentary issues of WORKSPACE
  • Publications
As an Arizona Young Leader Chapter Member you will also enjoy:
  • Monthly programs providing networking opportunities as well as information on current industry trends;
  • Educational programs on the strategic management of corporate real estate administered by leading academics and consultants;
  • Exclusive events encouraging networking and relationship development;
  • Access to knowledge resources and best practices in the industry.